Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bloody Fantastic

I am possibly one of the last people on the planet to see Susan Boyle's performance on Britains Got Talent. While on dial-up at home, I saw her picture and read bits about what a tremendous voice she has. I just now saw the YouTube video and like everyone else, I am gobsmacked. That woman has a set of pipes on her that just don't end. And very possibly more self confidence than I will ever possess. She is not interested in a "make-over." Says this is who I am - like it or not. She has charm and charisma and a very confident stage presence. And while the embed feature has been disabled, if you go to this link, you will be able to see the video. What a woman!


Bubblesknits said...

Wasn't it great? :-) I love that she made everyone eat crow, so to speak.

Alwen said...

What a voice! Put her on CD or MP3 and I'll listen with pleasure, whatever she looks like.