Saturday, September 13, 2008

Halloween Dish cloth swap questionnaire

Knotting Yarn
1. Do you knit or crochet? For how long?
I do both. I learned to crochet and knit about the pre-teen years.

2. What sort of needles or hooks do you enjoy using the most? Are there some you've been dying to try out and haven't?

Almost all of my needles are addi turbos. I do have some dpns in bamboo, birch, and some of the Knit Picks dpns. I like the bamboo, dislike the birch (bends too easily) and so far like the Knit Picks. I'd like to try some of the Knit Picks circs, which are a cheaper alternative to the addi lace needles.

3. What kind of projects do you most enjoy? Small things you can take with you, or
big complex ones that are just gorgeous when they're done?

I actually like both! I almost always have a travelling project. But I do like a project that isn't always mindless.

4. List one pattern for a dishcloth that you love to make, or just tell us about one you've made or received that you loved.

I think I have two "default" dishcloth patterns! The Ball-Band dishcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting is really easy and has great texture. I also really like the Four Corners dishcloth pattern from 1870 Pearl. I'll try to remember to find links later.

5. What are your 'must have' notions? Are there any notions you need or can never have enough of? Any that might make you cry if you owned more?

I love notions! I am also a quilter. And I just love all the gadgets that make our craft easier.

Petting Yarn
6. What are your favorite yarns to work with? Any you hate or are allergic to?

Mohair makes me itch. I haven't tried any of the Kidsilk Haze that everyone talks about, so I don't know if that would have the same problem. I was given a scarf that is a very soft wool/mohair blend - and it still makes me itchy. I love natural fibers. I'm working on a shawl in an alpaca yarn that is yummy.

7. What colors do you like to use in projects? Any we'd never catch on your needles?

You'll never see a solid pink in my house! I like pink in combination with other colors, just not by itself - all that pink is too much for me!

8. Any cottons you'd like to try you can't find by you, or just haven't gotten around to getting?

All of my cotton yarn comes from the local "big box stores" - I have an A.C. Moore, Michael's and JoAnn's. A yarn shop has opened about 30-45 mins away, but I haven't had a chance to find her yet.

Halloween, Fall, and General Stuff
9. Do you like to use bar soap or shower gel more? What kinds of scents do you love? What kind do you hate?

Every since I found Got Soap, I've been a bar soap person. I like light floral scents, but not food scents. Food scents just tend to make me hungry.

10. What's more 'Halloweeny' - Ghosts, Pumpkins, or Witches?


11. What's your favorite Treat to get? Sweet or Salty? Anything you're allergic to or just hate?

My problem is that I like them all! Sweet, salty, crunchy, chewey are all good. I love dark chocolate, nuts, caramels, you name it!

12. What was your favorite Halloween Costume as a kid? As an adult??

The only costume I remember as a kid was one year I was Tweety Bird!

13. Are you on Ravelry? What's your ID?

Yes, I'm on Rav as knitflea.


Wendy said...

I love pumpkins too! Have fun with the AHEDE!!!

Secret Spooky Pal said...

Hey there! I'm your pal for the dishcloth swap. :-) I've read over your questionnaire and I'm going to have such a fun time shopping for you! Lots of things in common. Especially the sweets! lol Well, that and the knitting. ;-)

Hope you're having a great week!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Gotta love pumpkins:)Hugs Darcy