Sunday, September 28, 2008

Knit One, Tink Two

I had the most fun knitting EZ's baby surprise jacket. It was done so quickly and the brain that came up with this is absolutely amazing.

I am not having as much luck/fun with the adult version of the Feb Baby Sweater. On the camera (not within arm's reach and too tired to get up) is a picture from over a week ago of my Feb Lady Sweater. While I have knit on the thing, it isn't any different than the picture I'll eventually post. I zipped right along, put it on waste yarn and realized that I needed to rip out some of the garter stitch yoke. Did that, zipping along through the lace pattern. Realized that after the first repeat, I was supposed to separate the arms. Ripped. I have now reknit the first lace repeat at least three times. It's not a complicated lace pattern. I even did three repeats of it in my gauge swatch. I have no idea. I'd knit three rows and take out two. But today, I have successfully managed to knit one full lace repeat and have started to separate the sleeve stitches.

Wish me luck.

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