Sunday, February 1, 2009

Maybe I should move here!

After the absolutely miserable, horrid, no good, very bad drive here, Phoenix has been wonderful. Well, what I've seen of it has been! The show I've been working at is in two buildings. Even if only in the morning before the show opens, I've walked between buildings and enjoyed the wonderful weather. We don't have to be in Denver until Tue evening for set-up on Wed. So we're staying an extra day in Phoenix - where the weather is so nice.

Still not much knitting. Well, no, change that. I finished a mitered square on the blanket while at the car wash and that's been it! But I'll be sure to have a project for the two day (17 hours I think) drive to Denver.

So what do you do with a free afternoon in Phoenix? I asked around, and the unanimous recommendation was to visit the Denver Botanical Garden. Which I actually need to make recommendations for! Until May 31, there is a special exhibit by Dale Chihuly. There are some neat pictures from the exhibit on the garden's site. Imagine a glass exhibit installed throughout a botanical garden! On the recommendation of a friend, my reservation is for the 4 pm to 8 pm time slot and I'm really looking forward to going.

And I'm exhausted. (and the "s" key still sticks. very annoying and no idea what to do about it.) And obviously can't sleep. Bob has been gently snoring behind me for several hours. I think I'm just gonna turn everything off and go to bed anyway. At least I don't have to set the alarm clock in the morning!


Meg said...

the botanical garden looks amazing!

Alwen said...

The botanical gardens up in Grand Rapids had a Chihuly exhibit a couple years back.

There's a big Chihuly piece at the art institute where I took some beginner ceramics classes. My husband used to call it "the giant cold virus". :D