Thursday, January 29, 2009

When 54 equals 36

We are currently in Phoenix, AZ. The weather (of course) is gorgeous. And not related to anything at all, my "s" on the keyboard is sticking. It wasn't the last time I used the computer and is now sticking. If I end up with some wierd form of tendonitis, it will be directly related to the "s" key.

Anyway....I checked the weather report. But apparently not very well. Mon we left PA for our trip. Drove south (didn't want to run into snow on the quicker but northern route). Made it through PA and MD, went into WV next. And ran into sleet, snow and ice. Through West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma. It was only after getting west of Oklahoma City that the conditions improved. At times we travelled 30-35 miles per hour. And we were afraid to stop somewhere because we didn't know how much worse everything would be when we got back on the road. The 36 hour trip took 54 hours. We stopped twice for two hours each time. We stopped at Panera once and Subway once, got sandwiches and got right back on the road. Whoever was in the passenger seat (usually me) was not ever able to sleep. The conditions were too bad to relax enough.

Even though the mileage may be more, if we do this show next year, we will take I-40. The southern route would have been much better.

I do have a bit (small bit considering how long I was in the car) of knitting. If I take any pictures sometime soon, I'll tell ya about it!


emma said...

Even at 36 hour drive seems pretty miserable - at least with only two stops. Doesn't your back hurt? At least 54 doesn't equal 36 in degrees!
Good luck on the drive home!

Bubblesknits said...

Oh wow. I hate driving in bad weather. Glad you got there safely!