Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stealth Knitting!

I get the opportunity to test knit two new patterns! This one is by Susan Lawrence, not sure of the release date. I was given this yarn last year when so much was stolen. It's 380 yards of Sea Wool by Fleece Artist. I knew I wanted to make a shawl as soon as I saw it. But most shawls are 400+ yards. In the scarf I am testing, Susan used ~350 yds of laceweight yarn. But since I am only making sure the pattern is clearly written, I cast on with this yarn immediately!

This shows a bit of the pattern. It goes so very quickly!

At least on my monitor, this one has a more accurate color:

The umpteenth thunderstorm of the day is moving through so I'd better shut things down. I never knew the spring was supposed to last for this many months! I think the high Tue was in the 60's.


Channon said...

Beautiful yarn! Sea wool is on my "I wanna' try it" list...

Bubblesknits said...

High in the 60's? ::cry:: I'm so jealous!