Friday, August 14, 2009

Maxfield Parrish Sky

Anyone familiar with the American artist Maxfield Parrish? He was born in Philadelphia in 1870 and died in 1966. At auctions, I would usually see at least one of his prints up for sale. Parrish was known for his luminous colors. Parrish blue is named for him. His paintings are known for their layers of color and the dimension achieved through rather unique methods.

Anyway....All week, my sky has looked like it came straight from a Parrish painting. The clouds looked very three dimensional. They really looked like I could reach up and grab them back out of the sky. Very solid filled with light, shadows, and color. And not a camera around. Whenever I got to the same place as the camera, the sky looked like a "normal" sky. Nothing noteworty at all. Get on the road to go somewhere, camera at home, and the sky turned all luminous and majestic on me. Just figures, right?

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Bubblesknits said...

lol That's usually what happens to me. I never have my camera when something photo-worthy crops up.