Wednesday, October 7, 2009

There has got to be a storm coming

This morning I woke up feeling pretty darn good. Several hours later, my eyes are puffy, I have a horrid headache and I pretty much feel like I've been beaten. There has got to be a big storm coming through here. It's rather cloudy and very windy right now.

I was an idiot and thought my new skein of yarn from Embrace the Lace was 470 yards. Nope. It's 740 yards. Definately plenty of yarn to make the Norwegian Woods shawl I mentioned in the previous post. Now I'm gonna see if some beads I bought a couple months ago will work! Oh, wait! I'll be in Houston next week and there will be plenty of beads to choose from if the ones I have on hand don't work.

I'm having fun playing on the lathe. Drilled out the centers on some wood blanks last night to make some needle cases for our booth. And some acrylic blanks came in the mail today. Gosh, this will be fun! Talk to ya in a couple of days probably!


Channon said...

I was wondering about that comment about the yardage... I'm still thinking I want to make that shawl, but I'm not sure it wants to be that colorway. It sure would match what I have on today though...

Hope you feel better! My arm is tightening up from the flu shot. I hope that's the only side effect I get!

Bubblesknits said...

Don't you hate that feeling? My mom gets horrible migraines whenever strong fronts come through. Hope you feel better!

Alwen said...

I know what you mean - the air pressure went up by 18 millibars overnight. At least the wind isn't gusting to 50 or 60 mph here any more.

If you have a local airport & can find out the call letters, you can sub them into this URL and see how much it changed:

KORD is Chicago-O'Hare, KDCA would be Washington National Airport, VA, and so on. (The four letters have to be in capitals or it doesn't work.)

Denise~ said...

It appears that you're embracing the storm! Kudos!

Can't wait to see the shawl