Monday, October 15, 2007

Cross Your Fingers For Me!

If everyone in the cyber world would please cross their fingers and send up good luck vibes for me. A situation that I have been fighting my way through for almost four years may come to an end this week. I don't dare say "today" - this week would be very good, thankyouverymuch!

I didn't make my trip last week due to items of a nature too personal to go into here. But at least I have the trip planned out for when I am able to go. This week needs a shorter trip, maybe into the Rochester, NY area. I am expecting to be on the road tomorrow morning.

And on the knitting front, I have finished the second sleeve of my sweater! Although the camera is temporarily MIA, so pictures will have to wait. The body is probably 95% finished also - I have already started the decreases for the neck. I am getting excited to have this finished. For awhile now, it hasn't been an exciting knit. Oh, the cables and crossed stitches are fun to watch for awhile. But miles of yarn later, it had become ho-hum. Now that the finish line is in sight, the excitement is coming back!
Pictures to come - everyone cross their fingers please!


fall into autumn swap pal said...

fingers crossed for you this week, and good luck with the sweater!

SP2 said...

Watch your mail...socks should arrive any minute!