Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekly Blogging

I suppose if I am going to be home on the weekends only most of the time, I should make a concerted effort to blog on said weekend! I got home Friday night/Sat morning at 2:30 am. So Saturday was mostly shot. Sunday more was accomplished, but nothing really noteworthy.

But on a front that I had no work involved with......we are in the new Quilter's Home magazine! Mark Lapinski did a product review on our Ruler Organizers in the Nov/Dec issue. I am so totally excited! Now if orders will come in because of the review, we'll be in high cotton! Well, I suppose that if anyone were to read my blog, information might be wanted! We make a ruler organizer to hold quilting rulers. My work website is ROM Woodworking.

Moving on to the knitting front... I have started the second sleeve of my aran cardigan. It is from a kit I bought from Philosopher's Wool several years ago. I have been putting off finishing. I think the body is too long and I am dreading the ripping. This cardigan is knit back and forth....or at least the directions tell you to do so. The switching back and forth was confusing to me. So I just blithely inserted my first steeks and knit away in the round. SO much easier. Although I'm sure I'll need the "necessary" glass of wine before cutting my beautiful knitting!

And I finished the socks I'm knitting from the yarn my Sock Angel gave me!

She sent me a lovely skein of Tofutsies. I don't see a color name, but it is Item #725, dyelot #91506-82. She also included the lovely pattern that I used. The pattern is from SWTC (South West Trading Company). Also note the adorable stitch markers (on the socks) that she included! She didn't make them herself, but said a friend did. The pattern had you stop the design at the ankle. I knit the design all the way to the toe decreases and changed to an Eye of Partridge heel. While on the needles, there is a bit of biasing due to the pattern, but not a bit of twist when the socks are on! I even knit the sock leg longer than the pattern dictated, but look at how much yarn I have left over!

The design is lovely and quickly became an easy knit. Thank you very much, Sock Angel! And to think she is also knitting me socks!
Hopefully, I'll have time for another quick post tomorrow before I hit the road again. Right now, my job involves visiting every quilt shop I can find. If we can get the Ruler Organizers in the quilt shops, it will be fantastic! Wish us luck!

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Sockapalooza4pal said...

OMG - I love those socks you made with the Tofutsies. I didn't know that the yarn would stripe. So cool! I can't believe you finished them so fast.