Friday, August 1, 2008

Goodbye Denver!

It was a relief to leave Denver. The hotel gave us two free nights stay. While they are not responsible, it was an appreciated gesture. And the show we worked at was wonderful. The promotion group is Rusty Barn and they were wonderful. We'll be back for the same show next year. I sure won't be staying at the same hotel again. I'll pay more for the host hotel next to the Denver Merchandise Mart. And I won't leave a thing in my car.

Leaving Denver, we went to stay with my cousin for a couple of days. It has been many, many years since I was at her house. I've seen her, just not on her own turf. And what a lovely area. Unfortunately, she was close to the wildfires ravaging CA - the day before we arrived, the fires were 45 miles away. And with a wildfire, 45 miles is nothing. But while we were there, no fire danger. The air was full of soot the first day, and we could smell smoke. But we were safe.

Leaving my cousin's, we drove through the "canyon." This shot is obviously through the windshield. This is the (short) traffic line waiting to pass the firefighter's truck. It was a wierd feeling to hear about thousands of wildfires - and then be driving by some of them.

This is not a shot of CA smog. All the haze you see is smoke from the wildfires. Many of the areas you could see the smoke in the distance, but didn't smell it. And then other areas, you could not only smell the smoke, but sorta feel it while breathing. I will never understand why people breath smoke intentionally. And if you're smoker, please do not feel obligated to try explaining.

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