Monday, December 29, 2008

Must Not Lose Focus

I received some bad news today. Nothing health related thankfully. But several months ago, I paid $1,700 to be told the direct opposite of what I was told today. What is not going to happen would have made my life much better. Finances would have been easier. Bills would have been paid and there was actually a plan of action in place.

Not any more. After several hours spent in a funk, I realized that I can not lose focus. I have to keep my eye on what is important. And on the bigger picture. Yes, it will be more difficult. And while the "plan" will not work the way I had pictured, it can still work. It will just take a longer time frame. Everything is still possible. Well, ok, I have to cancel a yarn club subscription.

Must Not Lose Focus.

And in the laugh for the day.....I read a headline (I didn't think I could read the whole article without tossing my cookies) that said Laura Bush and C. Rice do not think that G.W. is the worst president in history. Let's see here - I'm sure they are totally unbiased. One is married to him and one is employed by him. Riiight.


Bubblesknits said...

I hope things get better. :-( It sucks to get bad news. ((hugs))

Norma said...

Must Not Lose Focus is going to be MY mantra in 2009, too. I'm glad to read that you are weathering the bad news in a healthy manner.

And can you imagine having the question put to you about your husband and/or employer, "Do you think he's the WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY?" and that's the best you can come up with? Hahaha. Honestly!