Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Avert your eyes if you're squemish!

I never did like these socks. Knit from Lorna's Laces, I wasn't ever happy with the fit. And I really didn't like the color pooling. But I was a relatively new sock knitter and didn't do anything about it.

Until today. I opened my drawer to pick out socks and these were staring at me. I try to rotate which socks I wear so I don't wear out a "favorite" before its time. But these don't get worn their fair share. So off with their toes! Err...something like that.

I figured they were LL to begin with. A good sturdy yarn. And while they had been worn, it wasn't that much. They unravelled rather well. A bit of fuzz, but even the heels and heel flap weren't a problem. I have the rewound skeins washed and hanging to dry. Not sure what they will become now. Jaywalkers? Monkeys? Lorna's Laces needs a pattern to break up the crazy color pooling.

Edited to add: squemish? squeamish? I ran spell check, and it said everything was correct. And neither spelling looks right, so who knows! Do you? Which is it? And it's totally cool that I got a comment from Lorna's Laces! How do they do that??? I mean, I have a tiny blog. How on earth was this post found in the vastness of cyberspace?


Lorna's Laces said...


We have lots of great patterns that mix up the stitches. That helps avoid pooling.

I was just packing up our crate to send to TNNA and one pattern that sticks out in my mind is our Oh So Beautiful.

Here's a picture of them knit in Amy's Vintage Office.

Anytime you get away from stockinette it's going to help. Think slip stitches and adding purl bumps.

And classics like Jaywalkers and Monkeys are always good choices.

Hope this helps!

Beth Casey

Bubblesknits said...

Good for you! I've been tempted to do that to some socks that I haven't been happy with, but I think I've already worn them too much.

I also think it's pretty darn cool that Beth left you some suggestions! I love individual attention from big yarn businesses. :-)

Alwen said...

I've done surgery on socks before. One pair (toe-up) I unravelled to the heel turn and reknitted the cuffs, and the other I decided I hated the ribbing on the instep, so I just ran the purl stitches down and reknitted them up as knits with a crochet hook.

My philosophy now is, "Do I want a sock that's done, or a sock I'm happy with?" Happy wins!

(Verification word: "eigor", that's Igor with an E.)