Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weather, Schmeather!

Last week's huge horrid ice storm missed my area thank goodness. I got a bit of ice that by the next morning was totally gone. I feel bad for the north that got hit so hard. And I realized that I have no idea where I would go if we lost power here - I don't have a back up heat source, so staying here sure isn't an option. Brrr....

Friday I met a friend at Panera for lunch and knitting - rather made up for not going Thur night. And then tonight I met up with a different group of knitters. Good thing there isn't ever a name quiz - I left knowing one more name then when I arrived.

But that is one of the very best things about Ravelry. I have spent all these years being the only knitter that I knew. And now I am making wonderful friends that I see on a semi-regular basis and it's just the best.

My Thur night B&N group is usually fairly quiet. Between five and eight of us are usually there. Now, there's chatter, but we're usually busy knitting away so the talk frequently takes a back seat to the concentration. Not tonight though! It may have had something to do with the fact that there was wine and snacks to get us through the too-close-to-Christmas knitting!

I met some people from Ravelry. Michelle and I drove up together. And that alone was an adventure! Thanks to the never ending PA road construction, it took 45 minutes to drive 10 miles. Then we managed to get lost - well, no not really lost. We just couldn't find where we were going. Stopped at a hotel to ask directions and we were so close they told us to park in their parking lot! I got to see Chris again. She has a brand new blog, so stop over and say hey! Met Eve who is absolutely gorgeous! Her picture on Ravelry really does not show what a very pretty woman she is. She seems to have just as much fun "collecting" yarn as she does knitting. And then there is Amber who is just as cute and nice as can be. Has an etsy store, two very young kids, brought the aforementioned wine and snacks, makes soap and some how finds time to knit! There were other wonderful people there and it will be a lot of fun getting to know everyone. Of course, Amber was the only one smart enough to bring a camera - I'll cross my fingers that I do better next time!


Bubblesknits said...

I'm glad everything missed you! Another friend of mine is going on day 5 without power. I feel so sorry for everyone that's having to deal with the aftermath.

Sounds like you had a great time at your Rav meet up! I'll have to check out those blogs and the Etsy shop. :-)

Oh, did you join the Rockin' Sock Club for 2009? I sat out last year, but I couldn't resist two years in a row. lol

Amber said...

Smart enough to bring a camera -- but not able to get the pictures onto the computer... It seems all of my small electronics are simultaneously dying. Fantastic!

Anyway, I'm so glad you came! Hope to see you next time. Check the Sit & Knit blog over the next few days, maybe my camera will be kind enough to work again so I can transfer the photos...