Monday, November 12, 2007

At the top of my list, is my healing finger. I knit for the first time yesterday. I had one button band left for my Aran cardigan, and it's getting cold here! The finger is healing beautifully, thankfully. with a casual glance, one would never know there was anything wrong with any of them. Give it several more weeks, and I don't even know if I'll be left with a scar. The finger tip is still very sore. And it is amazing how much of my middle finger I use when knitting. But with care and attention, I did manage that button band!

The sweater had all the ends woven in, has been washed, and is now laying out to dry. Then just sew the buttons on, and I have a beautiful new sweater. I only have one complaint, and I suppose it could have been handled several ways. The directions have you knit the sweater on size 7 needles, switching to 4's for the bands. And since the bands are in ribbing and on smaller needles, they do pull in a bit. I have that pinned out on the drying board so the edges are straight. But I suppose if there is a next time, I could either pick up a whole lot more stitches, or just knit the ribbing with the size 7 needles. Since I am happy with the amount of stitches I picked up (the pick up edge looks good to me), then the same size needle seems to be my answer. I need to remember to mark the pattern just in case I knit this sweater again.

Houston was fantastic! We worked in our own booth for International Quilt Market. For Quilt Festival, we worked for someone else in their booth that purchases from us wholesale. Quilt Market and Festival are a lot of fun, the workmanship is totally inspirational, and the sheer amount of people staggering. While in one of the booths with yarn, I heard a woman ask if there were similar festivals for knitters. Well, I gave her some basic information that I could think of off the top of my head, but just suggested that she read through knitting magazines for all the information. These are the only pictures that I took that I'll put up on the blog. The picture on the left is of the shopping area! Shopping for as far as the eye can see. The picture on the right is of the quilt display area. Some truly stunning works of art were displayed.

I took some pictures of quilts of course. But since the work isn't mine, I sure don't want to put those pictures up here. Some inspiring work, that's for certain.
Tomorrow....hopefully Galveston!

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kittything said...

i'm glad the finger is getting better! saws are scary pieces of equipment.

can't wait to see the sweater!