Saturday, November 17, 2007

How do they do that?

I can't manage to get into the habit of regular posting. Let alone those participating in the daily posting challenge through the month of November. I keep meaning to post. But like every other new thing, an effort needs to be made for this to become habit.

Galveston....oh, my goodness. A year ago when we went to Houston, we spent our day off between Market and Festival on Galveston. And fell in love. So obviously, we went back this year. Cruised around looking for potential homes for sale that would fit our needs. As luck would have it, we did actually find one! Five blocks from the ocean, people. Talk about nirvana. The person selling the home actually purchased it three months ago - and we know how much she paid for it. She has replaced a door knob - and doubled the price. She says she is needs to sell because she has been transferred. Which may be true. But it's our opinion that she wants to sell because she found out just how much it would cost to fix up the place. Now, it's a nice doorknob, don't get me wrong. I just don't happen to think it is worth quite that much money. If she will agree to sell the house at the price we are willing to pay, we plan on gutting the whole thing and starting over. There is a very nice size back yard. We talked with the zoning officer to get building regs. So we know we could build a wood shop in the backyard to suit our needs.

So I need to talk to my current mortgage holder and get information from them, and then we can decide which way to proceed. We haven't put an offer on the house yet. I am waiting to get more mortgage info before proceeding.

And in the meantime, I paid the registration fees for two shows next year. It actually looks like we will have back to back shows in two months next year. International Quilt Festival Chicago ends on a Sunday. We will get home Mon evening, wash clothes and repack Tuesday and leave for New Hampshire to set up for a show that opens Thurs (I think). And then in May, we have a show in Salt Lake City which ends on a Sat, and then the very next Thurs, we open at Quilt Market in Portland. We are gonna be very busy people!

Any recommendations for great books on cd? I own all the Harry Potter books on cd (and print). But we will sure will need some variety!

If I can remember to take a picture, my next post should be about my wonderfully warm aran cardigan - that is still missing buttons!

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