Thursday, November 29, 2007

Of Squares and Roundness

Thank goodness I keep seeing the squares rolling in to M&D. Otherwise, I'd just plum forget to send mine in! Here are my lonely squares waiting to help raise money for Oliver's wheelchair.See that little square hiding on the bottom left? It's a wonderfully square square. Unfortunately, it's too big! It came in at a perfect 4.5 inches. I sent it along anyway. The yellow and blue stripe is left over from socks, obviously. And it wasn't quite enough for two squares. I love the teeny contrasting corner.

Ravelry is the answer of course! Oh, what was the question? Well, what yarn to use for the Sunrise Circle cardigan, naturally. I received my Ravelry invite awhile ago, and just haven't taken the time to register and get going there. Work has been tremendously busy and I just haven't had the time to spare. I have a brand new laptop computer still in the box, for goodness sakes!
Recently, more and more of the blogs I read have been focusing on health issues. In a very positive way. Which has reinforced the thinking I've been doing. Before I got divorced, I was under a lot of strain. I didn't feel safe in my home. I slept in my clothes - with my purse, shoes and keys by my side. So eating was not a common thing in my life right then. I was exercising a lot as stress relief and got really skinny. Since then, I've been much more relaxed. And have eaten my way to plumpness. While I don't want to be that skinny again (size 6's were too big but I didn't shop for anything smaller) I do need to lose weight. I don't have hardly any clothes that fit - and I have a lot that I can't wear. So I am declaring to the world my intentions to start exercising again on a regular basis. Like everyone else, when I do exercise regularly, I feel better, look better, have more energy - and my clothes will start fitting again.

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