Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer of Shawls?

Recently, I signed up for Summer of Socks. And haven't knit a sock. Now, I know that SOS hasn't started yet, but I usually have a sock on the needles all the time. So, what have I been knitting? Lace. This is turning into the Summer of Shawls. And then I saw the Seasons of Lace Ravelry group. And of course...the rest is history!

I just finished a Diamond Fantasy shawl (by Sivia Harding). And just started on a Swallowtail. I was given several skeins of KP Andean Treasure and I'm using that for Swallowtail. But I think I have to call KP and see about ordering more. According to Evelyn Clark's download, I don't have enough yarn. So I have no idea where I got the idea that this yarn would be perfect for this shawl. I've been drooling over the beaded Swallowtails posted in the Evelyn Clark group. So while this one isn't near being finished, I am sure this Swallowtail is only the first.

This is my unblocked Diamond Fantasty Shawl. I've been wearing it, but haven't taken a blocked picture. Details to follow.

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insanknitty said...

It's beautiful.. I'll cast on my first (of many I'm sure) swallowtail tomorrow :-) Sorry to have missed you last night, but the BBQ was wonderful and relaxing.