Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just another Day in the Mine

To cap off yesterday? I managed to continue today. I checked out of the hotel and left my suitcase upstairs in the room. Pure genius I tell you! Fortunately, I remembered that before I pulled out of the parking lot.

The car does not need antifreeze. Drat. Pulled into the restaurant for breakfast and saw a very busy service station right next door. So I talked to them and they said they'd fit my car right in. Turns out to not be good. I have two fans cooling my radiator. One of them has died. The repair will be about $500. I wonder if I can leave my car sitting for the summer and only drive it during the winter??? In the meantime, no air conditioner for me. Keep in mind that it is mid-June. And I am in Virginia. It could be so much worse though - it is still driveable!

And I've been knitting. Swallowtail is progressing into the nupps. I am using a crochet hook for the purl 5 together bits. And this is the third skein. I have to get at least partway through the second nupp border before breaking into the fourth skein. If I'm into the fourth sooner than that, it will involve a frantic call to Knit Picks.

And I'm working on a felted bag. I really love my little orange bag. But I'm trying to make this one a bit bigger. But just a bit.

I was getting a bit worried about how much yarn I had available. I only bought two skeins. And see that little tail? That is where I ran out.

So I measured again. And I was a lot bigger than my math expected me to be. So I ripped it all out. I got a lot done while waiting for my car to not be fixed this morning. I'm hoping that the swatch isn't telling me a lie. Because this time I'm pretty sure I'll have enough yarn.


cmm said...

sorry to hear about the car. Like you said, it could be worse, a car can be fixed, and money can be earned again. ouch!

Like the bag! Love the orange colored one!

lv2knit said...

Those darn swatches lie all the time and cannot be trusted!

RE: the pants and dress -- I think you are right about the length of the dress being too long. I am thinking of making more of a long top to go with the pants and leave the dress a dress that I can wear to work.

insanknitty said...

Oh bummer, I loved how it was looking.. I like the variegated greens... very nice colorway.