Monday, June 23, 2008

What a Day!

The Universe is out to get me. But in a slow way so I won't notice and just think I'm having a very long streak of very bad luck.

I had a decent start to the day. Headed out the door to visit quilt shops in York, PA, parts of MD and on into VA. My car over heated. Three times. My mp3 player died. And I didn't sell a single thing.

Finally, I found a car parts store and bought anti-freeze. I bought a new mp3 player. Another Sandisk Sansa View. I think the problems I had with mine were equal to a lemon car and will be handling that return with the appropriate receipt. And saw the most stunning double rainbow I have ever seen. Usually one is rather faded. Not this time. Both rainbows were bright and bold. And I could see the entire arc of both of them. Truly stunning. This is a crappy photo of such beauty - but it is through the car windshield while stopped at a red light.

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