Thursday, July 3, 2008

Today I went to Pickle Road

And I drove past Mars and was told (in a very complimentary way) that I was butch!

If you're not a quilter, the name Pickel Road means nothing to you. But it is home of the irreverent, bold, father, magazine editor, quilter, and designer Mark Lipinski. I had recently talked to Mark about doing a product review on our new Thread Barrel. The review will be a companion to a review he is doing on the Easy Reach Thread Carousel. But last night I found out he needed to have the Barrel today. Well, he's only two hours away, so I loaded the car and set off. I got to meet his very charming son Evan. What a polite, well mannered attractive young man! I spent a very enjoyable half hour chatting with a bright star of the quilt world.

While there, Mark asked how I got involved with "those people" who make the ruler and thread organizers. I explained that I was "those people" and that I make them. He just laughed and told me that I was very butch! Quite a lesbian. Coming from a gay man, I suppose that is about the highest compliment I can be paid! At least, I'm taking it that way. Bob and I are still chuckling over that!

As I was driving away to get back to the highway, I was quite surprised to look to my right and see Mars! Well, at least the "Mars Snack Division" of M&M/Mars. Just another chuckle added to my day.

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