Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Like the rest of the world I'm sure, I am thankful to have survived 2008. Part of the year was fantastic. And of course, parts weren't. And like so many in the world, I am really looking forward to Jan 20. How much more can GW pillage our country before he leaves office? I think that makes two posts within about a week critizing him - probably means I'm being "watched" by some anti whatever group. So be it. He hasn't found a way to tax speech - yet. Give him another 19 days though.

Yikes. Didn't mean to start that!

It's been a good knitting year for me and not a very good quilting year. The no sewing room puts a crimp on that. Knitting is so very portable. I'm rather between projects right now. Which means that I grab my mitered square blankie when I head out the door. I finished the koolhaas hat and one glove. It started out as fingerless mitts - changed to fingerless gloves, then full gloves. I haven't started the second yet, but will do so shortly. I don't do well with multiple projects it seems. Other than the blanket of course. It seems that once I put aside a project, it can be awhile before it gets worked on again. I need to keep that trait in mind and make sure the second glove is started.

Blogolution! Last year, I optimistically started Blog 365. And did fairly well - until I had to go on a road trip for a show. Screeching halt to the whole 365 thing. So this year, I will make an effort to post several times a week. I'd love to say Mon-Wed-Fri, but I know that isn't reasonable either.

May 2009 bring us peace and a start down the road to properity.