Thursday, June 18, 2009

That's Two!

And I'm afraid to find out what #3 is going to be! You know the expression trouble always comes in threes? Well, last night was number one.

Someone broke into my car and stole my mp3 player and the car adapter! I've lived here five years - and I don't think I've ever locked my car. Heck, at least half of the time, I don't remember to lock the house door. Obviously that has changed. In the "we were blessed, it could have been worse" category - nothing else was taken from the car. I am really ticked off about this! I try not to jump to conclusions....but new people moved in on the cross street with a bunch of kids that are playing in the street all the time. I had a bunch of audio books on there, podcasts, etc. Granted, all those are replaceable without much effort. But I'm about as broke as I can be, so there is no way that is being replaced anytime soon. Car trips have just gotten a lot worse! I'm filing a police report so that hopefully they will start patrolling my area more often.

Today, number two. Walk in the house and find out my roof leaked! Slight damage to the ceiling drywall. Once again, in the "we were blessed" category - the damaged area isn't a "finished" part of the house. And after attic inspection, we think the water was blown in through the roof vent and happened to drip right there. We've had a bunch of rain and high winds - and there is absolutely no other damage.

Dinner is in the crock pot and I'm going knitting tonight. There is still a lot of room for potential disaster left in my day. Cross your fingers for me!


Channon said...

Argh! I sure hope they don't come in threes and things look up already.

Bubblesknits said...

Holy cow! Is it time to send you a rabbit's foot? ;-)

Hope the roof is easily fixed.