Thursday, December 6, 2007

Vermont is BEAUTIFUL!

Now, those of you that live or vacation in Vermont already know what a beautiful state this is. This is my first trip into Vermont. And I am gobsmacked. Stunning beauty around every corner. And not a camera in sight, much to my dismay.

I left home not quite as early Tuesday morning as I had wished, and headed into VT. And while this is a beautiful state, it is not one that is interested in a wealth of hotels. I wasn't quite frantic Tuesday night, but was getting close. It is winter after all. And while on business, my hotel priorities are basic - relatively cheap and clean. I caved about 9 pm and stopped at one of the absolutely dozens of B&B's in the area.

The B&B was more than I usually spend on a hotel room. But it was charming. And clean, and breakfast was fantastic. I'll add in info later (I don't have info with me right now). But the owners were an absolutely charming couple. Moved from New Jersey when the found the B&B that was ideal for them.

Anyway.....problem with the website. We lost our tech support team last week. I did update the billing information, but that apparently didn't get paid. So our website is not up right now. I'm waiting for a response from the billing department. Which can only be reached by email apparently. Just checked, no response quite yet.

I am currently in Newport, VT. Like the rest of Vermont, it is an adorable town. Has quilt and yarn shops here, not much more to ask for! Except for the whole snow thing, it's a pretty neat place. I am hogging the free internet access in a small friendly diner called Roasters. Only open for breakfast and lunch. And it does seem that I'll be eating both of those meals here today.

I finally took the laptop out of the box night before last. And this is my first wireless experience. Thankfully everyone here is nice and doesn't mind me sitting here typing away while waiting for an answer.

I hope to be home sometime late Friday. So maybe I'll be able to post again if tonight's hotel has free access. Totally cool you know - this free internet access stuff.

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