Wednesday, April 2, 2008

89. My Wee Tiny

My Wee Tiny swap package arrived from Susan. She has a great post up about sending the package to me. And she was right - no way did/do I have the time to stalk the blogs of everyone participating. I don't even know if there's a blogroll. And I hadn't ever read Susan's blog before - but you can bet I'll be checking back. Which is really the point of the Wee Tiny swap - make a new friend - or two!

Anyway....Susan bought the cutest "box" to send my tiny sock in - it's a flipflop! Perfect for our coming summer. And it's the perfect size for my tiny sock!

First up, my flip-flop box and the cute tag and note Susan included:

And my tiny sock nestled in the box with a wee wooden sheep!

My tiny sock is made from Sundara sock yarn in the "green tea" color. This yarn feels great. I am definately putting this yarn on my must find list. Susan used the "Divided Baskets" stitch pattern from a stitch guide. For a quilter, it looks like half-square triangles!

Thank you Susan! You made a delightful Wee Tiny sock and it was great fun getting my package!


Susan said...

I'm glad you liked it - I had such a good time making it! Last weekend was a BEAR of a weekend - a sick & crabby husband, a sick & absolutely out-of-control 3 year old - so your Wee Tiny sock (knitting & packaging time absolutely both included) was my total refuge!!!!!

I'm glad you both participated & liked the sock - like I said, I'm going to use the 'divided boxes' pattern for my next pair of Hubby socks - it's fun, diverting, yet still mindless enough that I can watch PBS dvd's while knitting. Agatha Christie, here I come!!!! :)

trashalou said...

Yep, gotta love a good swap meet-up! I still lurk here you know!