Sunday, April 6, 2008

93. Boy is my house small!

In our attempts to get ready for the Chicago International Quilt Festival, we are doing a mock-up of our booth. Because we have a different booth this time than any other time! We have sprung the (many) extra bucks for a corner booth. I am actually going to leave a living room light on overnight. If one of us were to get up during the night, we could kill ourselves around here!

And forget yesterday's post. The quilt in progress? Because I've apparently forgotten how to sew overnight. Everything in your booth needs to be "draped." So in the new booth space, we need another wall. Went to the fabric store earlier to get more fabric to make the wallcovering. Which is really simple - it's basically a very uneven "pillow case" type construction. The front obviously is full length with the back only about 9". It took me four hours to make this. Very sad, but too true. First time - not wide enough. Even though I had measured. Twice. Oh, wait - that was the second time. The first seam I sewed two pieces of fabric together along the wrong side. Several ripped seams (and one I just completely cut off) later, I finally have a very nicely covered wall. If I can manage to find my sewing abilities overnight, I have more work to be done tomorrow to finish getting ready.

And this trip was good for my knitting. I have (finally) sewn in the ends and blocked my Mr. Greenjeans sweater in hopes of wearing it in Chicago. With the new denim skirt that I haven't sewn yet.

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cmm said...

I love your Mr Green Jeans! Wear it in good health. Have a great trip.