Friday, April 4, 2008

91. Quilting Day!

I've forgotten how totally satisfying it is to spend the day with my sewing machine. I'm getting a sample done to be displayed in our booth at this season's quilt shows. And while this quilt is made with a technique I'm not overly fond of, the finished result will be lovely (I hope). Pictures coming tomorrow. I'm practically asleep as it is!

I tried to find a cartoon or something fun to quickly add here. It's not working out, so I'm off to bed.

Oh...the typing test the other day? It's an odd (for me) typing test - just a string of random words and once you've typed the words on your screen, you have to hit the enter key to get the next set of words. But the next time I took the test, I was up to 72 wpm. I was tempted to change the blog post, but that seemed a bit ridiculous!

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