Tuesday, October 14, 2008

AHE dishcloth swap Quiz!!

Oh, my - I haven't taken a test in ages. Our All Hallows Eve Dishcloth topic of the week is a quiz! It's a good thing we don't have to get them all right. We just need to participate.

Q1: Where did the idea of Jack-O-Lanterns originate?
A) Scotland
B) England
C) Ireland
D) Wales

I can't seem to get the bold thingy working, but I'll just add my guesses in here!
(I think I figured it out!)
C) Ireland - no idea why I'm guessing that - just sounds fun!

Q2: Halloween is the 2nd most successful commercial Holiday - what's the first?
A) Christmas
B) Valentine's Day
C) New Year's
D) Easter

Oh, that's easy - A) Christmas

Q3: What is the intense fear of Halloween called?
A) Hallowphobia
B) Samhainophobia
C) Ghostophobia
D) Mortephobia

D) Mortephobia

Q4: The mask worn by Michael Meyers in Halloween (the Movie) was actually a mask of who?
A) Leonard Nimoy
B) William Shatner
C) DeForest Kelly
D) No one - it was an old hockey mask

Never saw the movie, but I know some horror movie had a D) hockey mask!

Q5: In 2004, what was the most popular Halloween Candy?
A) Candy Corn
B) Snickers
C) Dum Dums
D) Milky Way

A) Candy Corn

And finally - tell us what YOUR favorite Halloween Candy is! I'm a Candy Corn person myself - can make me SO sick to my belly, but man I love it! Just the plain old kind though - not the many other flavors and colors there are today!

Oh, I love candy corn! And the pumpkins too - I like the mix. But not the funky flavors. I really like most candy - but I absolutely love the huge variety of very small candy bars that are available. Mini butterfingers are fantastic!

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