Monday, October 20, 2008

In which I lose things

Too much stress. Right now, I have more than my share - I have yours too. And you, and probably you. I just returned from a show in Atlanta. Mostly, I saw the highways of Atlanta. I couldn't tell you a darn thing about the city. Well, no that's not quite right. Flowers are blooming, there is lots of green there, every part of the city that I saw was clean, and the weather was splendid. And of course, there were people walking around in down coats and fleece jackets - in 70 degree weather. Go figure. But I worked the show by myself (for what I sincerely hope is the last time). And it was more stressful than I imagined. I got home very late last night and am trying to catch up just a teensy bit here before we leave Wed.

I spent a stupid amount of time looking for something in the van. Only to find out that I did not take it with me, and the whole time it was in the living room. I have no idea where various pattern copies are (but I know where the originals are). And I have lost a dishcloth.

Not just any dishcloth mind you. This was meant for my All Hallow's Eve dishcloth swap partner. Fortunately, I knit her two. Right now, she is getting one and an IOU. I am sure it will turn up - probably sometime next month. There is enough stuff going on that I refuse to stress out over this. And I don't have time to knit a replacement - therefore the IOU. Final purchases tomorrow and then I'm shipping off the goodies and I can cross this fun task off the list.

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