Thursday, October 16, 2008

We hope to resume

our regularly scheduled progamming soon. I have been writing posts in my head for over a week. Just no time to actually type them up and post! And now I am out of town and no camera. I actually had several pictures I'd taken on purpose for the blog.

So.....imagine a picture here (I'll try to remember to add it once home)

Our first frost (that I was home for anyway) was a week ago. I truly believe that the burning bush shrub next to my front door was green one day and wonderfully bright red the very next.

February Lady Sweater.....

No progress. The sweater has been in timeout while I see if I can find enough brain cells to correctly knit a four row lace pattern.

Dish cloth knitting....

Coming along! I need to leave a note for my dishcloth swap partner so she knows I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. While I was at the show in Chantilly, VA last weekend, I bought yarn....

(picture inserted) is absolutely lovely. Gorgeous sock yarn in to-die for colors. So I bought it for my swap partner. She's also a sock knitter (not giving away anything there, many of us are) and seems to have similar color tastes. Believe me, if she doesn't love it, I'll happily take it back.

I am currently in Atlanta, GA. I need to go do a Ravelry search for a yarn shop open on Fri nights! If anyone reads this and plans on going to the GA Quilt Show at the Gwennitt Center (I think I spelled that right, but am too tired to get up to check) please stop by the booth. I'm working alone this trip which mainly means that I don't even get a potty break. I took care of that today by not drinking anything. I'm sure I'll be up a LOT during the night, but I'm trying to rehydrate.

Ok, enough boring stuff. I need to find out what my dishcloth topic is and get that ready!

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Spooky Dishcloth Pal said...

I've almost got your box ready! Just a matter of putting it all together and making it look nice. lol

If you're in Atlanta, you definitely need to check out Knitch. I don't know if they're open on Friday nights, though.