Friday, October 17, 2008

Topic 5 Already!

If you could go anywhere at all to enjoy a wonderful fall vacation - where would you go and why? Somewhere you've been? Somewhere you've heard has amazing fall colors? Somewhere that's LESS fall-like than where you are? Post and tell us about it and then post a comment here to let us know you've posted!

Wow. A fall holiday? I live in a very colorful in the fall area. And I'm currently in the deep south. Georgia to be exact. There are flowers blooming everywhere, temps in the mid-80's......and people walking around in down coats and fleece jackets!

I'm not sure I have an exact place. No wait, I do. Some sidewalk cafe in Rome. I can't think of a finer way to spend some time than sitting at outside cafe with a beverage of choice people watching. Now, there is a TON of things to do in Rome. And I'd do them all again in a heartbeat. But people in Italy DRESS. I saw grandma, mom and toddler all dressed to the nines walking down the street. Women wore patterned hose everywhere. Women in dresses and men in suits driving around on Vespas. What a treat.

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