Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

To everyone that gives love, care and attention to a child. Happy Mother's Day!

My Mother's day was fine. Didn't really get to spend the day as I'd hoped, but it wasn't anything horrid or tragic. Got text/phone calls from almost all of my guys. My youngest son Pete called this morning. He was on the way to his new girlfriend's parents house to meet them. And my "adopted" son sent me a quick text message. Bob and I have been "adopted" by a young man that we know.

But my idea was to spend the day in Salt Lake City just relaxing and finding something "touristy" to do. I even found two yarn shops that were open on Sun afternoon. Wrote out the directions and thought I was good to go. But by 10:30 we had eaten breakfast and checked out of the hotel. Bob was ready to move on. And the yarn shops didn't open until noon and nothing else to do for the next hour and a half. So we spent the day driving - currently in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Bet there isn't a yarn shop around here that would possibly be open before we leave in the morning!

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