Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ravelry tin swap

There is a group on ravelry that started because of altoids tins! There is actually an amazing amount of knitting (or any other) stuff that can fit into a tin of that size. So a spin-off group started to swap altoids tins and a few goodies to fit into the tin.

I recently participated in the second of these swaps. And in the questionnaire, I said I'd let my swap partner choose which size tin to send along to me.

Well, she went wild! I was amazingly spoiled and already have plans for the yarn she included. The tins she sent looked like:

And this is all the stuff she managed to put into the tins:

I plan on using the yarn for my next HP inspired afghan squares, the stitch markers are already in use. And see those scissors peeking out? Last summer all of my quilting stuff was stolen from my car. Including those same scissors - and they were a favorite. I am so very happy to have new ones! Thank you Reese!

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Alwen said...

Amazing how much stuff you can fit into one of those! I have a tatting kit that fits into an Altoids Sours tin, complete with folding scissors.