Friday, May 22, 2009

Sock Summit Anyone? which changed into an R rated rant about my ex

For one (too) brief, (brightly) shining moment, I thought I'd be going. I had classes picked out. And since I have dial-up at home, I knew where I was going to be come Tues. The local Panera Bread offers free wifi and I was gonna be there.

Not so much now. I am only (slightly) comforted by the knowledge that I am not the only knitter who wants to attend, but can't.

And frankly, it all comes down to one thing. Since I know my sons aren't interested in reading this blog, I can be honest here. It's because of the dickhead I divorced. If he was a dickhead when we met, he hid it well. It came out years later. Over five years ago, I asked for a divorce. I'm not actually sure if it's final yet. We had a court trial - when was the last time you heard of a divorce going to court!!! Part of the court order is a monthly payment of over $500. For the last year and a half (since the trial) he (of course) has not paid this. He did send a payment....I got $300 this month. I keep hearing rumours of being paid all monies owed me. I spoke with my attorney last week. It was suggested that due to the rumours, he be given one more week. WTF.

And for all the feminists out there....I didn't ask for alimony. Actually, all I asked for was 50% of the value of the (paid for in full) house. After all the bullshit he put me through just getting to court, I was willing to take whatever the judge was willing to give me. Alimony was part of that. He would have been SO much better off just giving me half of the house. Further proof of being a total dickhead.

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