Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is there Spinning in My Future?

While talking home remodeling a few days ago, I said that I have a clear mental picture of what I want my studio to look like. This "studio" in its previous incarnation, was the bathroom. That has been gutted (several years ago actually) and is currently nothing but bare studs and boxes. And in most other homes, this room would be a bedroom. So we are a bit away from what it looks like today and the mental image I have.

In the part that pertains to today's post, I want hardwood floors and a few area rugs. And while I have never spun, I see a spinning wheel in one corner of this room. I do know of a local person who would give me basic spinning lessons. While not even blinking, Bob's response was "we're not getting sheep." Which does leave the door wide open for a wheel.

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