Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My ISE5 Package Came!

I went out to chip away at more of the ice the snowplow driver kindly left at the end of my driveway. And found a package from Royal Mail! I knew this had to be my ISE package and saved it for a treat when I was done.
And what a treasure trove! I'm not absolutely positive on the spelling, but Trieia was my secret pal! And what a fun box of goodies she sent me.Notice the post card right there on top? This is a picture taken in the town she lives in - and used to live around the corner from in the picture. Too neat. And look at all the little packages!

I'm absolutely horrid about getting things wrapped up, but she did a bang up job of it. And she's pretty sneaky too. See the package in front - the one with the yarn label that says 100% alpaca? Well, I saved that for last expecting that would be the scarf. I got a little suspicious when the back package was so squishy. Yep, the back package was the scarf and the one with the yarn label was this darling angel ornament. The teeny package on top of the Christmas pudding is a small little "hanger" that says "Joy."

I think the Lindt chocolates are great. Chocolate Santa urging on his chocolate reindeer. And the scarf is wonderful! I think I asked for something "fun," and this sure fills the bill. The scarf is just made with knit and purl stitches. But the stitches shift to the right for a bit, then back to the left for a bit. Which is what gives it the waves. Thank you very much for such a thoughtful gift. I wore the scarf last night and it is very soft and warm.


Gill said...

Hello - I followed you over here from ISE5. Consider yourself guested! Great scarf :)

gemma said...

g'day. You certainly have a sneaky pal! It sound crazy, but I wish I got snow hee, even once would be magic, or global warming. (here is Sydney Australia)
Cheers matey

trashalou said...

Hey fom Sunny but freezey cold Shaftesbury!

I am so glad you liked your scarf. I had a real saga knitting it b/c although I loved the pattern and the yarn who was to say anyone else would......

There was much fun had in our house about what to include and I'm pretty sure fisticuffs broke out to make the Lindt Santa got there with all his reindeer!

How rubbish that on my inaugural swap I didn't include appropriate information but if you want to come visit I am at

Have a lovely, safe and warm
Christmas :-)

Leah said...

That is such a nice package! and I love your fun scarf--my scarf pal made me this same pattern in malabrigo. It is so cozy; I want to try knitting up another in this pattern.

Anyway, happy happy holidays to you!