Friday, December 7, 2007

Trying to get Home Again

We got a phone call from a quilt shop yesterday that wanted to reorder. Which is a Very Good Thing. And since I would be going through CT to get home, could I drop off the product. No problem, says I. Well.....traffic became the problem. The only frustrating part (for me) is that if not for agreeing to drop off product, I would be home now instead of in a hotel for another night. Traffic around Hartford, CT (and whatever is the last city on the MA side) was at a crawl for hours. Literally. So instead of taking the 45-60 minutes she was expecting, it took me an extra hour. But I wasn't sure how long she would wait, so I continued on to our meeting place. Nope, considering how late I was, I'm not sure how long I would have waiting either. In trying to get to the meeting place at a decent time, I didn't stop for lunch. So I'm paying that price tonight. I waited 30 minutes to see if she would drive back by, but I don't know how close that spot was to where she lives. Chalk that up into the Oh Well! category.

I went today through part of New Hampshire. Cut short trying to get to CT on time. And this will probably sound a bit silly. Considering that Vermont and New Hampshire are next door neighbors, I'm not sure what the difference was. But I liked Vermont better. Of course, individual areas/towns make a difference in impressions. But Vermont still comes out on top between the two. No, it wasn't just scenery, although that played a part. But the people seemed friendlier in Vermont. Walking down the sidewalk, people would greet you. People in stores or restaurants would talk to you. Not in the annoying, go away, conversation. Just the friendly short chatter kind of way. If you like winter sports such as snowboarding, skiing, or snowshoeing, plus biking, fishing (and I'm not sure whatelse) in the summer, Vermont seems the place to go.

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