Sunday, December 16, 2007

Listen to the little voice

We have some dear friends that we haven't seen in quite awhile. I'd get fleeting thoughts that I really should give them a call or stop by to visit, but never did. All day long yesterday, I had this insistent little voice telling me to go visit them TODAY. So I decided that after this next batch of cookies (that I had just gotten the butter out of the fridge for) was done, I'd go visit.

The cookies got made, the day passed. And that little thought jumped right back into my head. But it was dinner time. I didn't want to stop in at dinner time. But a snow/sleet/ice storm was coming through later, and no one would mind if I did stop at dinner time. So I waited a little bit, but then off I went.

What a joy. I walked into the house, and Bob was sitting in his chair holding a brand new granddaughter! Marissa Katherine was born on Nov 2, and I hadn't even known she was expected. Bob has some very serious health problems and then earlier this year he was involved in a horrid car accident. I asked him if earlier in the year if he thought he would ever be here for this day, and he replied no. That every day is such a gift. Several years ago on Nov 2, Bob's heart stopped and he died. He was obviously resusitated and has a pace maker. He is firmly convinced that his love for his grandchildren (and their love for him) is what is keeping him alive. They need him and he needs them.

This was little Marissa's first outing. Her pediatrician told the parents not to take her out for six weeks. There were just too many bugs and virus going around. Last night's visit was just meant to be on so many different levels. Marissa Katherine's name is also keeping the family circle going. Her grandmother's name is Catherine and her mother's name is Mary Catherine. Each woman's name is different from each other, but uniquely linked. How very wonderful.

We need to each remember how wonderful each day truly is. That each day is a gift.

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