Monday, January 19, 2009

Boring seems to be going around!

I've read a few blogs lately that all have the same lament - Everything is boring! Well, it is winter. Like so much of the country, I am getting almost daily snow. Boring. It is bitter, bitter cold. Boring. I'm working a lot. Boring. Not much knitting. Even more boring!

Let's have a link-fest! While driving along minding my own business earlier, I was thinking about the whole boring thing. I'm pretty boring in print. In person, not usually as boring (at least I hope not!), but I need someone to bounce words off of. A Gracie to my George if you will. And while I do have a somewhat dry sense of humour, that sure doesn't come across well in print. But anyway.....I was thinking of people's blogs I've read lately that aren't boring. So I am going to do some links and ask you to do the same. Tell us about some blogs that you enjoy. And not the wildly popular ones, please. The Yarn Harlot and The Pioneer Woman don't need extra readers - thousands read already.

I love Marguerite's photography. And she's a wicked knitter to boot.

Alwen lives in "sw outer nowhere, Michigan" - so if anyone's weather will make you feel better, hers will! She recently made a double knit nametag! Scroll through. And she knits with thread! I kid you not. She sometimes uses Valdani thread - the same brand that I use for machine quilting!

Amber was who got me started on the whole boring thing. She then has put up multiple posts - including one loaded with pictures of things she got at the farmer's market. It's winter, right?! Quite a haul.

Michelle not only was given a beautiful shawl/stole, but she recently repurposed some yarn into a lovely hat for herself! Go check it out!

In the "more popular" category, but not to be missed is Kathy. Adorable grandchild, adorable Sofee, and some wonderful knitting.

Chan's is the knitter of Michelle's lovely stole. For details and info, be sure to scroll down a bit. At the top right now is a lovely tribute to her late father. If you're inclined to tears, this might do it, so you are warned. But she does end the post with a funny story about the man.

In the team category, I like Anne and Martina's blog. I enjoy their blog all of the year, but especially the dishcloth swap Anne has instigated. Dishcloths? Why yes - always the right size, easy time commitment and always needed!

And while I said try not to list the more popular blogs, I can't leave out The Rainey Sisters. Another "team" blog. Right now, you will be treated to adorable knit elephants and a stunning Bohus.

I hope you will do a blog post of your own full of fun links. And please leave a comment here with a link so we know to check out yours. It would also be nice to leave comments on the new-to-you blogs!

Happy Monday everyone!


Alwen said...

Hey, thanks for the mention!

My mom gave me an Ott light for Christmas, so now I can even knit with thread during dark winter evenings.

Amber said...

Ditto on the thanks! :)

You should do Comfort Week with me!!! Check out today's post. Very un-boring. ;)