Thursday, January 8, 2009

From the Headlines, On the Road

From the news....Consumers cut back on their borrowing in record setting amounts. So tell me, how is not borrowing bad? The fact that for a change, American's are not spending more than they earn is bad. Isn't the current economic situation a direct result of ....hmmm....spending more than we earn??? So now "they" are telling us that living on credit is good? I am very confused.

"recession proof Big-M*cs" - The burger giant has used its dollar menu to hold onto its cash strapped customers. The concern is that when income levels are down, our diets suffer. The money isn't as available for fresh fish, produce and whole grain foods. According to statistics, lower income usually equals more obesity and the health problems associated with obesity. With less food dollars, people fill up on calories at the expense of nutrition. And with the dollar menues offered by all of the fast food chains, people will be filling up on high calorie, high fat, low nutritional value items. The thought of a "value" meal for dinner at any of the fast food chains turns my stomach - I can't stand the thought of eating that. Think I'd rather have oatmeal or popcorn for dinner!

Pornography industry needs $5B bailout - Frankly, I think Congress asked for this. Congress is the one that opened the barn door. Once the government decided that they needed to/should bail out private businesses, where is the line drawn? And where can I sign up for my own bailout? Because I can show tax documents that will show the change in my income level over the last few years. I need my own bailout! And when I find out where to apply, I'll let you know too.

Edited to add this one because it was too good to leave out!**http%3A//

Shoot - the whole "cut/paste" thing didn't work right. And now I can't find the same headline again. Anyway, it was something along the line of "Once a strong abstinence only state, GA now leads nation in teen pregnancy." And I have probably mangled the whole thing. drat.


Bubblesknits said...

I almost fell off my chair when I saw that about the pornography the other day. And you know what will be sad (and wouldn't surprise me at all)...they'll get their bailout. Gah.

Alwen said...

Here you go! "%3A" is a code for the " : "