Saturday, January 3, 2009

What's in your spam folder?

I check my spam folder on a regular basis before deleting. In my work email, I've found orders and legitimate inquiries. In the personal folder I find an occasional personal email or newsletter I've signed up for. But most of the time? It's amazing!

I can get free clothes and diapers for my new baby (menopause anyone??), breast enhancement (the holiday gift men really want), penis enlargement (Hmmm...) and pet grooming tools. I can get money - there are an awful lot of people in my spam folder who receive LOTS of money. Or a a nurse, policeman, federal officer, mystery shopper, and I think I get invited to join the military (see menoapuse above). I can also get a job as a massage therapist (see breast augmentation above), lots of cheap cars (right now I think anyone can get a discounted car), and more dates than you can shake stick at. Well, if you're getting augmentation at both ends, I imagine the dating can be a bit over the top. Plus pictures! Don't forget the pictures...sounds like more than Flickr has in all their files. I also get a new credit score about every 15 minutes and new auto insurance quotes just about as often. My private email account is with Yahoo. And while it may get a tremendous amount of spam, the spam folder works wonderfully. And it is good for a bit of a chuckle. Now if I could just get my dates scheduled between the surgeries and insurance meetings and job interviews I'd have it made!


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Ditto that!

I'll take some of that surgery and a few of those jobs if you have extras though...