Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dial Up Really Does Stink

Now, if all you've ever had access to was a dial-up connection, well then, dial up is fantastic. But if you have been seduced by the siren call of dsl -or digital or any of the other really fast things out there - and then have to go back to dial-up....well, it stinks.

I have been knitting (sounds rather redundant I know). And I have pictures of said knitting. But the pictures (and even the camera chip I think) are in the laptop. Without any connection. Yuck.

Sometimes I think in lists. Rather odd I know, but there you have it. Short incomplete sentences run through my brain. Just enough so that you know the remainder without ever having to think the remainder.

I constantly wake up with songs running through my mind. Drives me absolutely batty. Leave me ALONE already so I can get a decent night's sleep, will ya!

I have started taking the estroven again. Apparently I was very foolish when I stopped taking the pills because I hadn't had a hot flash in quite awhile and what's the sense of taking something for a symptom that has stopped?? Right. Bob just laughs at me when I roll the window all the way down while riding down the road. Never mind that it might be 30 degrees outside and we are on the interstate. I might be willing to keep the hot flashes if I could just start sleeping again.

I love my Philosopher's Wool sweater that I've been knitting. Actually, I've been wearing another PW sweater almost constantly. I finished it last year and never sewed the buttons on. Buttons on a couple of weeks ago and the sweater has seen constant duty as my coat. I'm sure I will finish this sweater just in time for warm weather.

Ok - there is plenty of work that I really should be doing instead of this. Let's take bets on how long a picture-less post takes to upload, shall we?

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Bubblesknits said...

Ugh. I can't imagine going back to dial-up. Here's hoping you get your DSL/Cable back soon!