Monday, February 4, 2008

35. Dishcloth knitting stash

This was more fun than I thought it would be! Thanks, hostesses! Our topic this week was to flash a pic of our dishcloth knitting stash - plus our fav notions, etc. Well, I don't necessarily have a fav notion. But you'll notice Mason-Dixon knitting in the back corner. And a new Sugar & Cream dishcloth booklet I just bought. Haven't used any of the patterns yet, but it seemed to have some good ones. And I've used Michelle's free HP dishcloth patterns. Those are very well written and made a wonderful gift. The only cotton yarn in my stash that is not Peaches & Creme or Sugar & Creme was from a swap pal. I've used some of the yarn for a gift - made a washcloth that I gave to my aunt. And there is some new (to me) Patons "Grace" up front and center. It is a mercerized cotton that I'd like to try for washcloths.I will confess that I have made a copy of the Ball-Band dishcloth pattern from the book. I keep it in my notions pouch in my knitting bag! But I didn't want to post a copy - at least this way, everyone can see that I have purchased the book and didn't illegally copy the pattern. And remember, it's called the "Ball-band" dishcloth pattern for a reason - the pattern can be found on the back of the Peaches & Creme cotton skeins.

Do you see that crochet hook sticking out of the tan yarn in front? No? How about now -

Well....I have absolutely no idea why the hook is like that. It was exactly like that when I pulled the yarn out of the bag. Now, that's a pretty hefty hook, and I have no earthly idea what I was using it for. But I thought it deserved it's moment to shine - so to speak - and left it alone.

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