Monday, February 25, 2008

49. Where I've Been!

My week in (brief!) review:

1. Went to Virginia.
2. Stayed in horrid hotel.
3. No internet - the access card didn't work and neither did the tech support.
4. Got sick.
5. Had dinner with my sister-in-law and nephews. Seven and ten - great ages!
6. Had breakfast with a wonderful friend and her husband. Not seven and ten, but also great ages!
7. Had fun working at a quilt show.
8. Had breakfast in VA - it was warm, sunny and green. Arrived home in PA to snow on the ground and cold.
Now I'm off to send a few emails. One to the hotel chain that gave such lousy service and one to a restaurant chain that - well, gave such lousy food.

1 comment:

Alwen said...

The restaurant chain didn't start with a "D" and end with a "y's" by any chance, did it?

My husband won't go to that one any more. He says, "Every single time I go there, I get sick."

It's snowing again here in Michigan, too.