Wednesday, February 13, 2008

43. Unintended knitting

Without meaning to, I've almost finished the Bird in Hand mittens! As you may have noticed in previous posts, I wasn't very excited about my mitten knitting. But it was the only project in my bag, I kept working on them. And before I knew it, I had this:I've sewn up both hems and finished one thumb! I had a thumb delay since I was traveling and and didn't have the right size dpn's with me. But I have the second thumb on the dpn's and it's ready to go.

Size has been an issue for me the whole time. I mean, look at this!
My partner's hands are (obviously) bigger than mine. I've been worried about fit the whole time. Of course, it doesn't matter what pattern I use, that would still be a concern. I've never done any stranded knitting before. So I did a lot of practice/swatching. And then I got worried that I'd run out of the brown yarn! So as a "design" feature, the two hems are different. Not sure the extra five rows really make a difference - but if you are running low, every little bit helps.
Not sure if you can tell the difference between the practically new navy blue and the partial skein of brown. But that is all of the green I have left. Of course, I only have one thumb left to knit, so most of that green will be left.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my those are scrumptious... You are very talented... Hope you get your cocoa package soon. It's on it's way to you!!

Minerva Zee said...

Good job! My problem with this one was also gauge - trying to get it to work out made my hands hurt.

Tanja said...

These are so gorgeous, very impressive!