Wednesday, February 6, 2008

36. Owls Part 2

Yesterday, we left our hero while he was off getting stuffed. Let's see if we can resume our story!

After stuffing, draw up the gathering stitches. I took a few stitches across the opening and ended up with a tightly gathered bottom. Not at all like my rather fluffy bottom!

Next, I measured his bottom. No, you don't get to see that! Think how you would feel if there were pictures all over the internet of your bottom being measured. Humph. So I only had some thin cardboard - like a cereal box weight. Since it was so thin, I used two circles. I then cut a circle of wool about twice the size of the cardboard. Sew a running stitch around the edge and pull up the gathers.

Here's the little owl and his gathered bottom waiting to be sewn together. I used mattress stitch and even with my highly contrasting thread (pearl cotton once again), you can't see any of the stitches.

And the completed (adorable) owl picture will have to wait until tomorrow! I'm sorry - but the picture came out really fuzzy. And I didn't know that until it was much too late (read dark) to get a decent picture. But he's cute enough to wait for, that's for darned sure. This owl is very easy to make. He goes together very quickly. I completely understand why Moonstitches made a whole flock of them. This little guy is heading off to my Cocoa swap partner. Part of the swap is to send along a "blah buster buddy" that we have made. If this little guy cheers up my partner nearly as much as he has cheered me up, he has done his job!