Thursday, February 14, 2008

44. Blind Date for Valentine's!

I had a blind date for Valentine's! And it was totally a set-up since I didn't know the person was going to be there. We sat and talked for the longest time. I feel like we really made a connection and we'll be getting together again soon.
Oh, did I forget to mention? My "date" on Valentine's was for a Sit & Knit at the local book store! Absolutely nothing for my sweetheart to be worried about. InsanKnitty had sent me an email earlier in the week about meeting Thurs. And she connected with Ann (Blog-free. To roughly quote Ann, she's blog free so she has the time to read our blogs!) - probably on ravelry? - who joined us. Next time, we need to either meet some place with decent, affordable food for lunch, or start after lunch time. Michelle got the first phone call to join her sweetie for lunch, and Bob's phone call was not too long after. But without the distraction of growling stomachs, I could have sat and chat and knit away the day with new friends. It was a totally delightful Valentine's Day.

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insanknitty said...

Felicia, it was so fun wasn't it! I just sent a Ravelry message to Ann to see if we could plan an evening and perhaps 'kid free' meeting.. I felt badly taht I spent more time 'mothering' than knitting... but it was still so fun and I could have knit and chatted for ages... John got home late last night from his business trip so I'll check with him today about the sit n knit tomorrow... :-)