Tuesday, February 26, 2008

50. Talk about a day late!

Just my luck. When the pattern was everywhere, I was on such an exceptionally tight budget that I couldn't afford to buy the Patons Street Smart booklet. Forget the yarn, not even the pattern. Now that the Must Have cardigan is popping up all over blogland again (and I can afford pattern and yarn), the pattern is not to be found.
The Yarn Harlot just updated her tour page. I live roughly two hours away from Philadelphia. She will be in Philly on May 18. Me? I'll be in Portland, OR. She will be in Portland on April 22. I will be here. She will be in Salt Lake City on May 4th. I will not be in Salt Lake City until May 6th. I am sure that on the 4th, I will be busy driving to SLC.
If the fates come into alignment (yeah. did you read the above paragraph??), maybe I can go to WEBS in Northhampton, MA on April 27. But maybe seeing her in London on Sep 6th would work.


Ger said...

Hi Felicia, just a short note of thanks to you for a great cocoa swap parcel. I have not got your email address so will blog today sometime. I loved the gifts and the little owl is adorable. I will have to think of a good name for it.Ger

insanknitty said...

Oh Felicia, what terrible luck! I know that it's in teh stars for you to get to one of her meet ups!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just checking.. have you received your cocoa swap package yet?

Kathy said...


The Must Have Cardi pattern can be found at Patterworks. I just checked, and it is listed as being in stock. Hope that info helps you.