Monday, February 11, 2008

41. I got nothing - except knit cupcakes

Blech. I must lead the most boring life in the universe right now. Although once we get into quilt show season, there won't be enough hours in the day. So I'd really better enjoy this while it lasts!
Random A: I've been doing a bit of reading. Right now, I'm reading one of W.E.B. Griffin's series. I started to read the newest series - Presidential Agent series. But while the store had books 1, 3 and the newest 4, it obviously didn't have volume 2. Blech. So I started reading the Marine Corps series. And while I actually think I might have read at least part of this series before, I don't remember a darn thing about the books! Which isn't meant as a bad review - I probably read them 20 years ago when the books first came out. Griffin's books are the only military history books I've ever read. And I do actually enjoy them. I am so entirely disgusted with my retired USMC ex husband, that I was not (at first) willing to read this series. Guilt by association and all that. But it was the series that the store had the most of, so I started. Book 1 starts mid-late 1920's in China. I just finished Book 3 (Counter Attack) which takes me into WWII. Guadalcanal and the Solomon Islands are at play here. And if you know absolutely anything about Marine Corps history (or WWII for that matter), you will know how very important those islands were. W.E.B. Griffin does an excellent job of weaving a novel through accurate historical facts.
Random B: I still haven't mailed off my Cocoa Swap package. There is a hold up with one of the swap requirements and I just haven't gotten that part taken care of yet. Yikes.
Random C: and here is where the cupcakes come in! While I have not knit any of them myself, I think the knit cupcakes I've seen are absolutely adorable. While checking out Yarn Miracle's blog today, I saw the cutest cupcake that she just made for her great-grandmother - who has given up all sweets for Lent. She used what looks like fun fur for the frosting - and it is very cute. The link she included is more of a "plain vanilla" cupcake. BUT there are links there to dozens of other cupcakes! I've never knit food. But if I was going to start, cupcakes would be an ideal place to begin.

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