Friday, February 29, 2008

53. The post office is drinking my cocoa

That is the only thing I can figure. My cocoa swap partner lives in Ireland. And she received her package - yeah! My pal lives in the US. She mailed the package to me several weeks ago. And it has not arrived still! All I can figure is that some postal worker somewhere is enjoying my goodies. I keep putting off buying more cocoa. I think I'm going to give in today and buy some. Maybe that will bring my package?


Anonymous said...

Felicia, I'm so sad for you... Buying cocoa is a sure way to entice the delivery of your package.. it has to be!

Alwen said...

It wouldn't surprise me. Our carrier stuffed the day's mail into the snow that the plow threw into the box. She didn't just set it in there on the snow, she pushed it in hard into the back of the box. grrr.

Ger said...

Felicia I'm sorry to see you still have not received your package. That's so disappointing for you.Sometimes postal services are so slow. I know that happened to me last year when a package from the US took 6 weeks!! So hold on in there and it will come. The surprise will be all the better.